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Presentation during the Vernissage at ENO in Bruxelles 2019

by Maria Arcidiaconoarchaeologist, scholar of historical art and curator



"From the unusual set-up it is possible to appreciate the consistency and rigor of Fabrizio Stenti's research.

The randomness in finding the material, meticuosly recomposed in paper inlay, is combined with the deliberate exibhition imprecision where the works resume their interrupted course of decay.

The compositional balance is characterized by constant elements: the presence of a number (wich is also the title of the work).

a vertical tension in evidence and a protagonist detail, sometimes accompained by a significant hidden detail.

An accurate practice, born from the professional experience of an architect, through which the artist challenges the widespread and introjected homologation, wich on the hand imposes a waste from overproduction and on the other requires unattainable models of perfection.

Fabrizio Stenti thus expresses the force of a deeply critical sentiment towards an oppressive conformism, summing it up, by contrast, with the use of carefully cataloged and delicately assembled waste materials."


Translation edited by Andrea Sossi


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